1. New Shows Posted.

    New shows posted for Transmission Fields and Dylan Gilbert…

    More to come…


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  2. A tremendously HUGE “Thank You”!

    Happy 2011!

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank EVERYONE who showed up to the benefit for 34th & Hudson Saturday night.  The response was overwhelming.  The Muse was PACKED (more than I even imagined it would be), the bands sounded amazing (really AMAZING), and we raised over $1000 to help Joe recover some of his loss from the break in.  It was a really fun night and such a great start to 2011.
    The way everyone came together to help out was incredible and very touching.
    Thank you: Phil Carias, Matrimony, Poprocket, The Spiveys, John Tosco, Justin Tosco, Reeve Coobs, Mike Strauss, Shana Blake, Transmission Fields, Brandon Kirkley, Grown Up Avenger Stuff, and anyone who joined on the sing-a-longs (Justin Fedor, Josh Daniels, Grey Brewster, Allison Modafferi, etc) for donating your time and talent.
    I couldn’t have put this event together and kept it together without Lee Neitzel.  He helped me with every little petty question and worry I had.  So thank you TONS Lee.  Special thanks also to Gregg McGraw, Adam Middleton, John Tosco, and Jeff Hahne for giving me feedback when I needed it.
    Thanks to my dad, Steve Moore, who helped out working the door all night when I know he’d have rather been taking pictures.  :)
    Thank you Leigh Stevens for organizing the Meet-Up Group and being such a huge supporter of local music.
    I know this event really meant a lot to Joe.  So everyone who decided to come out and attend, THANK YOU!
    Continue supporting local music.

    (Photo above courtesty of Jeff Hahne)

    Jeff Hahne and Monty Chandler got some great photos of the night:

    Photos by Monty Chandler - http://montychandler.smugmug.com/Music/Music-2011

    Photos by Jeff Hahne - http://blogs.creativeloafing.com/vibes/2011/01/03/photos-34th-and-hudson-benefit/

    If you weren’t able to attend the event, and want to contribute, you can still help.  The donation page is still running until Jan 31.  Every little bit helps. 


    Once again, thank you!
    -Stephanie M & Triple S Booking

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  3. JAN 1 Benefit for 34th & Hudson Studios

    Triple S Booking and Maxx Music will be hosting a benefit on January 1 at The Evening Muse.  The purpose of this benefit is to help raise some money to replace some of the equipment that was stolen from Joe Kuhlmann’s studio.  Joe is the owner of The Evening Muse.

    Stay tuned.  Details coming shortly.

    Please keep an eye out at pawn shops, craigslist, ebay, etc for the following items that were stolen: 

    1. 1965 Hofner Violin Bass w/ original case and strap. Just like Paul’s just a right handed one. :(
    2. 1995 Fender Jazz Bass Black w/ white pickguard Bartolini p/u w/ Aguilar Pre & BADASS II Bridge. Yes she was a Frankenstien Bass.
    3. 1992 Gibson Nighthawk. Honeyburst electric, looks kinda like a small Les Paul, with Strat pickups.
    4. Fender Tele 72 reissue Brown w/ double humbuckers
    5. Epiphone Firebird Elec w/ Triple p/u in case
    6. Ibanez Talman Semi-Hollow electric dual humbuckers silver
    7. Jerry Jones Short Horn 2 Black w/ White Pickguard 3 Lipstick p/u Like Jimmy Page’s
    8. Roland JC 120 Head
    9. Fender 1973 Champ guitar amp
    10. 2 Flat Panel Computer Monitors

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  4. Give back.

    On December 11, thieves broke into 34th & Hudson Studios (owned by Joe Kuhlmann) and stole equipment and instruments. This equipment is high tech and expensive so please, let’s raise some money to help get this stuff replaced so that Joe can continue recording, producing and making the bands we love sound great.
    Joe is the owner of The Evening Muse in Charlotte NC.

    Any little bit helps. 

    Spread the word!

    Donation link: http://www.giveforward.com/36thstreetstudios#

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  5. Triple S Booking is tumblin’

    Just testing our new website / blog.

    Still working out the kinks.

    Happy December!

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